Ways to overcome oxycodone abuse and learn how to beat opiate addiction

Oxycodone abuse is a serious matter and if your abusing or addicted to it I would suggest that you seek help to overcome oxycodone addiction. This drug is used to treat severe pain in cancer and other conditions. Because it is highly addictive, some people do develop a dependency on the drug. Most people become addicted to the feelings of euphoria or they continue to take the drug to ward off withdrawal symptoms.

This is a powerful opiate, and it can have unintentional but fatal consequences. People who abuse this drug may crush or chew the pills in order to get a more intense and rapid effect. However, this can cause some serious health problems and possibly even death. An overdose is a serious and obvious sign of Oxycodone abuse. Signs of an overdose include slowed breathing, extreme weakness, seizures, dizziness, cold skin, confusion, and loss of consciousness. You may also notice that the user will have small pupils.

  • Make up you mind whether or not you really want to stop using oxycodone
  • Have an aftercare recovery program in place before you leave rehab

There are opiate rehabs and treatment centers all over the place for those of you who are abusing oxycodone. They almost always involve professionals who can help an abuser through the physical and psychological issues of drug dependency. Seek help right away if you or someone you love is abusing drugs.

How to beat an oxycodone drug addiction

Going to a substance abuse rehab might be the key to starting a new life for yourself in recovery.  Many people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction finally turn their life around by attending rehab.  Sometimes it is the clean break that they need in order to start living a new way and doing something different.

The important thing about going to rehab is in the follow up.  Anyone can go to treatment, and pretty much anyone can stick it out in rehab and get dried out for a while.  This is not any huge accomplishment really because the drug rehabs have made it fairly easy to do.  Now it might be expensive to do so and you do still have to take some initiative and walk through the door, but after that they make it pretty easy on you.

Why withdrawal from oxycodone can be complex

There is a medical detox unit and they have medical staff that monitors your condition.  They give you medication to help treat your oxycodone withdrawal symptoms and keep you comfortable.


They feed you and give you a nice warm bed to sleep in.  Really, how can this be so terrible?  It’s not.  It’s actually pretty easy and any drug addict or alcoholic, no matter how dependent on drugs, can go into a rehab facility like this and string together a couple weeks of sobriety.  It is no great task to do so and all it takes is a bit of initiative on the part of the addict.

Now what about achieving long term recovery?  What about staying clean and sober after leaving rehab?  What about creating a new life in recovery, one that is worth living and that is exciting so that the addict does not return to using drugs and alcohol?

Now that right there is the real challenge and this pretty much has nothing to do with rehab.  This challenge starts when you walk out of the door of rehab and it continues on for the rest of  your life.  Most addicts will relapse within a few weeks or months of leaving treatment and it is pretty rare for a person to even make it to a year of clean time.

So what is the secret to success?  How can addicts be assured of their continued sobriety?  Well there is no guarantee but the addicts who are successful in long term recovery are those who take massive action and create a new life for themselves.  If they leave treatment and only make a modest or small effort at recovery then they are doomed to relapse.  Massive action is the key.

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