THC detox best way to properly cleanse your body of Marijuana

THC detox best way to properly cleanse your body of Marijuana

To perform a successful THC detox there are several steps you need to follow. First, make sure to constantly drink plenty of fluids. Secondly, try to maintain a good workout schedule. Lastly, watch what kind of food you are eating and you must stop smoking marijuana this is a no brainier.

For a good work out schedule I would make a commitment to go for a long walk each a day for a least one hour at a brisk pace. I would also include some exercises like sit-ups which can be done at home and if you are really serious about your health you may want to consider going a gym.

How to cleanse your system of marijuana

Drinking plenty of fluids is key as it will help flush out your system. Water and cranberry juice are two things that should be drank religiously during the detox period. Cranberry juice is important because it is a natural diuretic meaning it will increase the amount someone urinates. Urinating a lot will help cleanse some of the THC from your body.

Marijuana detox

The body gets rid of most of its toxins through sweating so maintaining a good workout schedule is extremely important and must be maintained when doing a marijuana detox. The more you sweat the more THC will be excreted through your skin. Do not take a bath or let the sweat dry on your skin. The skin will absorb some of the toxins you just sweated out and will make your workout be all for nothing.

Finally it is best to stay away from any fatty foods. This is key as THC bonds with fatty cells so eating unhealthily will cause the drug to stick around longer than desired. Eating fresh vegetables is a good alternative.

If you follow this practice for about a week your body will be THC free very soon; furthermore, you should be able to pass a drug test should you be required to take on at your place of work.

opiate painkillers or heroin detox cleanse

Keep in mind that this kind of detox can be used to cleanse your body of opiate medication or even heroin for that matter. Some addicts have relapse and want to get clean in case they are tested for drugs at their place of employment while others are on probation and really do not want to drop dirty and violate there probation which will land them back in jail.

There are many places that sell detox cleans that claim to work for various drugs but I would do some research and find out which ones actually work because you do not want to spend a lot of money for something that won’t work; furthermore you would not want to lose your job from using a faulty detox cleanse. So in essence you need to do the research.

Good luck and just remember the best way to free your system from marijuana is to just quit smoking weed.