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Overcoming an Opiate Addiction to lortab and making it through lortab withdrawal

Many people who are trying to get over an opiate addiction and get through lortab withdrawal may be concerned about how to go about it and what there options may be. So I though being as I have been through this myself I would share with you some options to get through withdrawal with as little discomfort as possible.

The first way is the stay at home lortab detox most will not want to do this unless there are no other options. The reason for this is you will have no medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms like you would have if you choose to go to rehab but you will have some of the luxuries of home. You can get up in the middle of the night flip on the tv and make yourself a sandwich in rehab there are certain times you will be allowed to do this. If you think you have what it takes to go lortab cold turkey by all means go for it because many people do make it including myself.

Addiction can sneak up on you like a thief in the night. It does not care who you are or where you come from it will get you in the end if you do not stop using drugs. Many of you out there will end up using for the rest of your lives while some will go on to prison for drug related crimes and some will die from a drug overdose. Lastly there are the ones who are blessed with finding drug addiction recovery.

No one need suffer any of the negative consequences that I mentioned above. To get clean and sober and stay clean you will have to have a recovery program and you will have to stay on top of it by taking action in some kind of way each day if it is only reading a daily meditation. We do not have to worry about those who do not take action because we already know that they have relapsed and there is nothing more we can do for them until they surrender again.

You can choose your own recovery method. There are many ways to overcome addiction from 12 step programs to drug addiction therapy and many others in-between but you must choose find one that works for you and then take action and work it.

For those who do not know lartab is an opiate based medication so if you have been using this medication on a regular basis and happen to be abusing lortab you will end up with a lortab addiction and if you suddenly discontinue use of this drug you will go trough a nasty withdrawal.

Getting through withdrawal from lortab and overcoming drug addiction

Now if you want to prevent a nasty withdrawal from lortab I would suggest that you go to an opiate rehab. If you go you will be looked after properly by trained medical staff. They are going to see to your every day needs as well a administer prescription medications such as suboxone to help ease your  withdrawal symptoms. For most people this kind of lortab detox will take about five days but this is just the beginning because next you will be going to residential treatment because if you do not you will relapse mark my words been there and tried that did not work.

In residential treatment you will be required to attend groups, lectures, 12 step meetings like AA and NA, watch recovery related videos, and lastly attend one on one drug addiction therapy. The idea behind residential treatment is to help give you information on how to stay clean when you go home from rehab. So basically this will give you a fighting chance and some addiction recovery tools to help.

Aftercare drug addiction recovery solutions 

You will want to make some plans before you leave rehab on how you intend to stay drug free when you go home. Many people want to continue with their substance abuse counseling so if this is your plans you and you do not have a therapist you will want to find a substance addiction counselor before you leave and schedule an appointment. I personally give credit to addiction therapy for helping me to stay clean and sober. I went to counseling sessions once a week for 2 years when I was in long term drug rehab and I can not tell you what a freeing experience it was. Trust me it will help you to face your fears and find a new way to live drug free.

Good luck