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How to get the best Heroin Detoxification help in short term drug rehab

If you have a heroin problem, the consensus of opinion today, is that the best treatment for you is Heroin detoxification. Most experts feel that you need to get away from your usual element and spend more time in a long term drug rehabilitation facility; this is what creates good results.

The findings prove that addicts who commit to a 90-day residential drug treatment program have a much higher sobriety rate. If you have any of the following behaviors than an extended care or long term drug rehab facility is recommended.

Heroin Drug treatment

* Have you been a heavy heroin drug abuser for many years?

* Are you in denial about how bad your drug or alcohol problem has become?

If you are partially through a regular heroin detox drug treatment program and you are not making progress, then your counselor will recommend a long term drug rehab facility.

If you have been through treatment before and have relapsed by using drugs or drinking soon after leaving, then drug rehab may be the best solution for you.

If you truly want your best shot at recovering completely and quitting heroin for good, then if you are totally committed, then I would suggest that you must go into at the very least a 90-day treatment program but longer is better.

In fact, in my opinion this is still not long enough. I would recommend a stay of no less than 6 months and preferably 2 years. I know this sounds like a long time but can you really put a time limit on getting control of your life back?

Shorter heroin rehab programs

Experts believe that the shorter drug programs that many people go into are just the beginning, a first step, so to speak as a recovering addict I tend to believe this also.

What happens is they go to rehab and go through heroin withdrawal and do little else to with the underlying problems. The success rate of these programs is so rare; addiction experts are considering making long term drug rehab treatment mandatory.

Their professional opinion is that a two week program only gets you away from the drugs. The longer programs not only get you away from the drugs, but they get into your brain, and try to figure out the reasons why you think you need these crutches, and thus unravel those thoughts and ideas. Now this is especially true for heroin addicts. For this I recommenced long term heroin rehab.

Heroin addiction rehab

If you go with the short program, the positive thing about it is the fact that you recognize your problem and while there you make make the decision to follow it up with long term like I did. But in 95% of the cases long term heroin addiction rehab is most effective. It does not really matter whether your first attempt or whether you go to long or short term rehab what matters is that you want help and are going to go to rehab to get it.

Good luck