Self detox from heroin in residential treatment or at home

If you happen to be thinking about discontinuing your use of drugs then you may want to consider a self detox from heroin or what ever opiate drug you wish to stop using. This can be done either in rehab or the privacy of your own home.

What needs to happen first is that you must surrender to the fact that the drugs have won that you can no longer use successfully. I personally had a very difficult time with this because I thought that if I just had enough money or I decided to use another drug I could continue my drug abuse.

Now in reality what I was  basically doing was substituting one drug for another being I knew for certain that I could no longer use my drug of choice heroin successfully. Then I had ta brilliant idea; for example, what I would do is save up money while I was in rehab or prison thinking that I when I got out I could buy enough drugs to sell and use without having to ever worry about running out again. This would insure that I would never run out which is what most addicts fear the most and I know that I did. Well it worked for a while but here’s the thing we all know a “monkey can’t sell bananas because he will eat them until he becomes sick.”


How to do a Self detox from heroin

What I would suggest to all of you who may want to try a self detox from heroin is to go to heroin rehab. There you can be detoxed from heroin. This procedure will be done medically using medications to help you to be comfortable during heroin withdrawal. This is a lot better than trying the stay at home heroin detox especially if you are going heroin cold turkey. This way is by far more easy and a whole lot less painful.

When you are finished I would recommend that you go to residential treatment or continue your recovery in long term drug rehab. These methods will help you to learn more about addiction and different ways to cope with life on life’s terms without using drugs. I have found that by remaining drug free that I can enjoy life without the use of drugs. I am currently continuing my education and am not to far from getting my bachelors degree. Once we get clean we can become the person we always wanted to be. Anyone can get clean, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live’ you can too”!

Make a list of things you can do to help you on your journey of recovery from addiction

1. Be sure you are ready to stop using drugs because rehab is expensive,

2. Commit yourself to your recovery maybe find a sponsor

3. When you leave drug rehab have a plan

4. Maybe you can help another struggling addict to stay clean and sober

5. Take action on a daily basis to strengthen your program and avoid a drug relapse

We must learn how to live a new way of life and this will mean that we are going to have to cut loose all of are using friends and old hang outs. Do not make the mistake I did which was to go around them after I had been clean for a while so they could see how good I was doing you may get away with this once or twice but in the end you will relapse and be right back where you started from that is if you make it back alive many don’t. On the same note one of my first sponsors liked to share to newcomers at meetings that if you go to the barber shop enough sooner or later you are going to get a hair cut. Recovery is a gift from God so we need to be grateful and treat it as such.