Opiate withdrawal length

If you are interested in opiate withdrawal length then you may want to keep reading because I will explain how to stop using opiates as well as withdrawal length.

There is not a lot of difference between all the different kinds of pills that contain opiates and all opiates drugs come from the opium poppy. Now your heroin withdrawal length will vary because it will depend on how much and how often you were using.

Withdrawal from opiates length

Now for your average drugs which contain hydrocodone the withdrawal length will normally start to peak at around 48 to 60 hours you will for the most part start to feel better in around 5 to 7 days. Now if you are seriously thinking about going from withdrawal from opiates at home you are in for a ruff ride unless you have medications to help like suboxone treatment for opiates at home. If you choose to kick opiates at home I would probably suggest using suboxone.

This can be obtained from a physician that is licensed to prescribe it. All you have to do is give them a call and set up an appointment then you can go over you plans with the Dr on how you want to quit using opiates. They will lay it all out for you then all you have to is go home and start taking the medication “done deal”. One needs to keep in mind suboxone is very expensive and some insurance may not cover it so you will need to check this out.

Residential treatment can help you stay clean and sober when you leave opiate rehab

If this does not work for you I would suggest that you go to opiate addiction treatment. There you can be medically detoxed from opiates. For most people the withdrawal length is form  3 to 5 days. Again they will more than likely use suboxone for this. I have to recommend when you finish your detox that you continue your recovery in residential treatment.

This is a must if you want to remain drug free when you leave rehab. In residential treatment you will be required to attend 12 step meetings such as alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous daily, you will also attend group, lectures, watch recovery related videos, and addiction counseling. The hope is that you will apply what you have learned during your stay in residential treatment to stay clean and sober when you return home.

I would seriously think about some aftercare recovery plans. You will need to figure out how you are going to stay clean; for example, are you planning to attend NA meetings if so then I would find out where and when they meet. You can come up with your own recovery plan but if you do not want to relapse soon after you have gotten clean and stopped using opiates then you had better have one. I would write out a list of all the things that I intended to do for my recovery and then make a commitment to do them. If you take the action to do all the things on your list there is no way that you will use.

Taking massive action to overcome an opioid addiction

As you may have guessed there are in fact many ways to beat an addiction to opiates. It all boils down to the way you feel is the best way for you to overcome your drug addiction. Like I always say it does not matter how you get clean and sober just as long as you do so. I know for sure that those who stay sober have a solid recovery foundation and take massive action daily to stay clean. It has been my experience that those who are committed to their recovery enjoy their life now. I can say that I do not miss waking up everyday with the first thing on my mind being how I was going to get high.

How to get through the urge to use without picking up

Some of you have never been to rehab before so this a sort of heads up of what goes on there and some drug addiction recovery tools you will learn about while  there just remember to apply them and you will be fine. For all of you that are new to recovery I would just like to add that you may experience some overwhelming urges to use but keep in mind that there are ways to get through them without relapsing.

Urges only last 7 or 8 seconds unless you entertain them. What I used to do when I was first getting clean and had an unsettling urge to use was say the serenity prayer over and over until the thought was gone. If and when it returned I repeated this action. Do this as many times as you need. I bet I did it a thousand times a day in the beginning. You can come up with your own mantra if you do not like mine. It works because we can not think of two things at the same time thank God.

Lest face the facts urges are going to come from time to time but trust me it will pass and the desire to use will be lifted from you. I have found that taking action is the key. Here is what I did when I first started getting clean and sober. I went to meetings daily for six months straight, I got a sponsor, and I started writing my steps. If you want to get clean and stay clean then you are going to have to take action every day there is no way around this. I thought if I could just figure every thing out I would be just fine. Well that never happened I am still learning new things in recovery.

Good luck