How to overcome Percocet withdrawal and beat drug addiction

Percocet withdrawal usually begins after the patient is being normally prescribed by a doctor for relief of severe pain, but is only meant for short term use. However some people have to be on them long term until they can have a surgery to correct the problem that is causing them all the pain and discomfort.

What generally happens in cases like this where a person becomes addicted to opiates is that they start out taking their medication just like the doctor prescribed them they one day they take there medication and find that it did not relive their pain so they said what the heck I will take a couple more it will not hurt me.

What they should have done is to call their physician to perhaps be put on another medication. Anyway if this is done on a regular basis it will create a tolerance which means they will have to take more and more to stop the pain and get the desired effect. This leads to painkiller addiction and if they suddenly discontinue the medication they will go through opiate withdrawal.


How to get through withdrawal and overcome percocet addiction

The are probably many reasons to use caution when taking this drug but in my opinion the  main reason you should know this is because long term use can and often will lead the person to percocet addiction.Although, you will find that many people obtain it illegally without a prescription, not for pain but for their own personal use. According to the statistics, there are at least over 9 million people who use prescription pain medication without an actual prescription, and that is just for one year alone so we can only imagine how many of them will actually go through a withdrawal from percocet.

It is easy to become addicted to percocet even if taken as prescribed. This is because it not only relieves pain, but it makes you feel good while giving you relief. Once a person starts taking them, they begin to want more and more of that feeling. It can make you feel as if you’re high and nothing else in the world matters. For some, this is an ultra convenient way to escape their reality. Then, it becomes an elevated problem.

Drug abuse is not only harmful to your health, but it can also be perilous when taken for a long period of times, especially if a person is increasing their dosage. The habit can be kicked with a rehabilitation and detox program, that doesn’t use other medicines to assist in their treatment programs. You will experience withdrawal symptoms from percocet that be may be uncomfortable, but nothing to dramatic.

Percocet addiction symptoms

These withdrawal from percocet symptoms may include lack of energy, depression, chills, sleepless nights, mood swings, cravings for drugs and much more. These withdrawal symptoms usually last from two to three days, depending on how long, and how much a person has been using. Even though none of these withdrawal symptoms are life threatening, it can still cause so much discomfort that a person can easily fall back into drug use, if they are not careful. With the right support group and treatment program, the person should recover just fine.

NA  will help you get  clean and stay clean but you must take action

I personally attend NA meetings on a regular basis and I believe that were it not for God and the 12 step meetings of Narcotics Anonymous I would never have gotten clean and sober. If you are not attending meetings and wonder why you can not stay sober our you relapse soon after leaving rehab then you did not use the addiction recovery tools that you learned while in treatment which in every drug rehab that I went to was we need to attend meetings.

Good luck