How to get rid of opiate withdrawal with over the counter medication

The first step in how to deal with heroin or opiate withdrawal symptoms at home is to get some over the counter medications, you can find everything you need at your local pharmacy or supermarket. I would start my self opiate detox kit with medications like- Motrin and Tylenol for headaches and cramping, and perhaps some naproxen for restless leg syndrome. The thing is that without any narcotics in your system you are going to feel every little ache and pain more intensely. Another good medication is Benadryl it should help make you tired and will help with insomnia. I would also recommend that you find something for diarrhea because you are going to need it so find something that contains Imodium AD.


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These medications should help you to cope with the symptoms of withdrawing from Heroine

· Insomnia

· Nausea and vomiting

· leg cramps

· restless leg syndrome

· Runny nose

· Aches and pains in joints

· Large pupils

· Watery eyes

· Diarrhea

· Sweating

· Goose bumps

· Agitation

· Nervousness

· Headaches

How much over the counter medication you will need to get through heroin withdrawal at home

I would get a least a couple of weeks supply of these medications because the last thing you want to do is run out when you are still dope sick.

Take some time off of work or school while you detox from opiates

Most employers are familiar with addiction these days so it will probably not be to hard to get some time off of work and I know for sure that colleges and major universities will be there to help you. I went to WMU and they offered substance abuse counseling so if you are going to school find out what they have to offer and take advantage of it. If you are kicking heroin or prescription painkillers at home you will want to make your home as comfortable as possible.

I would also suggest that you find someone to come stay with you during your recovery from opiate addiction this can be a trusted friend or family member. I would plan on renting or buying plenty of movies to watch and maybe some meditation cd’s. I personally like the thunderstorm and rain forest meditation cd’s but get what ever ones you enjoy the most. The thing is you will want to have something to help you to relax when your withdrawal from heroin is at it worst.

How to get the addiction help you need in Opiate rehab

If you decide quitting heroin at home was not for you or that you relapsed soon after finishing your home opiate detox then you may need to get some professional help in some sort of rehab that deals in treating addicts with an addiction to opioids. If you go I would defiantly want to find a rehab that offers a medical detox to treat heroin addiction. The reason for this is that they will use prescription medications to help you make it through your withdrawal. This process only takes a little less than a week but after completion the second phase of your recovery is done in residential treatment.
Good luck