How to get Addiction Help and Treatment for Addicts without Insurance

Addiction help and treatment for addicts with no insurance is not at all as hard to find as what you may think. Yes, it is true that there are more rehab centers and recovery retreats that will only accept patients with insurance than there are that will not. However, most cities have at least one option for people who have no medical coverage at all. These places are not as easy to find because of the fact that they do not usually do a great deal of advertising; in fact sometimes the only way you will find out about them are from someone who has been there.

The facilities that you will find that offer help for people who are addicted to drugs that do not have insurance will be a bit less extravagant in their practice. They may not look like luxury hotels, they may not have their own spa, but they can do the job just the same. They are there to help people who have a problem, and there main concern is to help people overcome drug addiction.

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How to find free drug treatment

* One way is to search the internet

* Another way is to get out your phone book and call all the rehabs in your area. Ask them if they can help people that can not afford to pay for rehab if they can not ask them if they can refer you to some place that can. This can be very time consuming but if you are serious about quitting drugs this is what you may have to do.

* There are also many State and Government funded drug rehabs that may be will to help you but again you will have to do the foot work.

While recovering from an addiction can be a costly thing, these places will often times take into consideration the fact that a person needs help and does not have insurance to pay for it. Therefore, they keep their costs low by not indulging patients with all of the fringe and unnecessary accommodations.

Free drug rehabs for addicts with no insurance

Whatever your circumstance may be, it is highly important to remember that drug addiction is a serious, life threatening problem but there are free drug rehabs out there. You should never put off seeking help because of the fact that you have no medical insurance. A great place to get help is available to you somewhere, and it is imperative that you find it.

How to overcome drug addiction

There are many places an addict can look if they really want to overcome drug addiction. It may take a little work but how much work did it take you to get one more fix? I can just about assure you that if you put the same amount of time in your drug addiction recovery that you spent getting and finding ways and means to get more that you may feel like you have sparks or rainbows shooting out yours ass.

So in other words as far as recovery from addiction goes you will get back what you put into it. We have a saying around the tables that goes if you put your whole self in you will get your whole self out so that’s what I did and I am clean today thanks to God and many other addicts.

I believe in giving back what was freely given to me this is why I write online trying to help others to overcome their drug addiction. My hope would be that when they are able  they will do the same. Just think if every one did this how many lives would be saved. I know this will not happen but if just one person does this it will be worth my effort.

Good luck