How to detox from opiates at home

I have seen a lot of interest lately about how to detox from every kind of drug imaginable at home. In all likelihood this is from people who may not be able to afford conventional treatment.

Ok let me give you the best advice I have based on my own personal experiences, being in long term rehab for 2 years and 30 plus years of drug addiction. Hopefully you will be able to take something away from here that will be useful for you to detox at home from opiates or other drugs.

Now in most cases this will be somewhat distasteful. This even holds true if you go to treatment to detox for opiates because until the medications they give you start to work you are going to be uncomfortable. One needs to keep this in mind while they are weak and wobbly trying to stop opiate withdrawal by toughing it out lying on the couch watching TV.

General fundamentals oh how to detox from opiates at home

Try to sleep through most of  your opiate detox this should go without saying. One can have a better chance of doing this if they stay awake as much as possible a couple of days before then intend to stop using opiates. I would also drink a lot of fluids like juice and things of this nature this will help flush out a lot of the opiates that have built up in your body. What we are trying to accomplish here is to sleep through the worst of your opiate withdrawal which will peak between 24 and 36 hours. This has worked great for me in the past.

If you are working I would suggest that you make arrangements to take the next 2 or 3 days off of work by then the worst will be over with also keep in mind for some of us this process can take up to 5 days so you will have to be the judge of what kind of opiate habit you have.

Next I would invite a close friend or family member to come stay with you while you detox at home from opiates at home. If nothing else they will serve as moral support should you want to give up and return to using. Now once you are finished with your detox from opiates we need to have a plan; for instance how are you intending to stay clean? Are you going to attend NA meetings or group therapy what ever it is we need to write it all down and then take action to follow through with it.