How To Beat Vicodin Addiction

In my opinion there are all kinds of ways to stop using vicodin. You can basically learn how to beat vicodin addiction just like you would any other type of drug.

The same principal pretty much applies to them all drugs but there are variations here and there; for example, one must surrender to the fact that we can no longer use drugs or alcohol the way other people do. We must admit defeat that is we can no longer use successfully the way we used to in days gone by.

Once upon a time we enjoyed getting high and having fun but then things went sideways on us and our fun turned into the job of getting and finding ways and means to get more drugs and it did not matter how we went about it or who got in our way. We were basically at the “animal level” we survived and did things we said we would never do just as it talks about in the NA literature. We may have even tried snorting vicodin. We can all learn how to beat hydrocodone abuse.

How to beat vicodin addiction

Are you sure you’re ready to stop using vicodin

  • One of the best ways to do this is vicodin addiction treatment
  • One of the best ways to do this is hydrocodone  addiction treatment
  • Another option is to taper off of vicdin

There are ways actually more than one way how to overcome addiction and find a new way to live without drugs. One way to stop using vicodin is really pretty easy to do you simply taper yourself off of vicodin; for instance, try cutting your dose by 1 pill per day if that is too much for you try reducing it to ½ pill less per day. This should prevent any serious hydrocodone withdrawal.

How to overcome hydrocodone using hydrocodone addiction treatment

If you are wondering what an addiction to hydrocodone is all about and how to recover from it then maybe this will help you.

Hydrocodone is a prescribed drug from the opioid family that is used to alleviate pain symptoms. It also acts as a cough suppressant. It is usually administered orally but can be taken intravenously or by using a nasal spry. The side effects that people might get by taking hydrocodone are drowsiness, nausea, and dizziness. Less common side effects include irregular breathing, constipation, vomiting, and anxiety.

As for addiction, according to the Drug Enforcement administration, this drug may be the most abused prescription drug in the United States. A lot of medical experts believe that addiction can occur with one to four weeks when the person is taking a large amount of the medication.

Side effects of hydrocodone withdrawal

If you are trying to come off of the drug, the withdrawal side effects may include; severe pain, sweating, pins and needle sensation throughout the body, sneezing, extreme drug cravings, and extreme anxiety and restlessness.

Some users though can bypass this danger by using cold water extraction to dispose a portion of the paracetamol.

So if you are on this drug and you think you are addicted to it, talk to a doctor right away to help you get off of the drug.

If you think you need hydrocodone treatment:

* Make sure you are ready to commit yourself to recovering from addiction

* Figure out how you intend to do this the best way is to enter some sort of opiate rehab or treatment center

* Locate some and give them a call tell them of your interest of getting help to stop using hydrocodone and make arrangements to come in

* This process normally will take 4 or 5 days depending on how much and how often you were using. More than likely they will use suboxone for this and you should experience very little pain during withdrawal. I have to suggest upon a successful detox that you go to residential treatment to further your chances of remaining clean when you leave rehab.

Good luck