How to beat methadone addiction

Many people people that have a methadone addiction say they started using this medication to kick heroin. I am reasonably sure that you have heard of heard of this type of addiction. That’s right if you choose to use a methadone detox to stop using heroin then you stand the chance of one day having to go through a withdrawal from methadone this is basically exchanging one set of drugs for another unless the detox is done properly.

How to deal with prescription painkiller addiction 

This is just my opinion some may disagree. I see this as a future problem which would be a substance addictionDon’t not be confused about this methadone is legal but it’s surely just as addictive as heroin. Possibly even more because you tell yourself it is legal and I need it. In truth for a lot of people it’s just another escape because they do not wish to deal with life on life’s terms.

This is not the only way that people become addicted to methadone. Some people were placed on this medication after a surgery or serious injury and one thing led to another and they ended up addicted. This type of prescription addiction usually occurs as I said when the patient is prescribed methadone to alleviate some type of pain. They generally start out taking their medication as it was prescribed and its working well to kill their pain then one day they find that it is no longer working so they decide to increase there dose maybe they will take one or two extra pills and once again it works great and they are pain free.

Ok now here’s the catch when this is done for an extended period they will start to build up a tolerance which means they will have to take more and more of the medication to get the desired affect. This is the beginning of addiction and if you do not do something about it at this point it will turn into a full blown opiate addiction.

Detoxing from methadone in 21 days

One thing I can say is basically true of all addicts is we may not know how to deal with or emotions or what ever so drugs allow us to escape our feelings. I would strongly recommend that if you are not already on a methadone detox then do not get on one unless you are absolutely can not stop using any other way. One way that I actually believe that it can help people trying to stop using heroin would be a 21 day detox methadone clinic. This is about all you would need to be completely off of heroin so there is no need to take it any longer than necessary.

If you choose to use this method to stop using heroin they will slowly detox you by starting you on a dose comparable to the amount of heroin you were using. What happens is they will bring you up to this point get you leveled off and then slowly bring you back down. You still can run the risk of becoming addicted so I would not weigh my decisions lightly because you can always be detox in a drug rehab.


How to beat methadone  

If you are thinking about quitting methadone then my suggestion is that if you want to know how to stop  methadone withdrawal you do a taper detox from methadone. Maybe you could try to do something like decrease your doses say 5mg a week. In any case take action now before you wind up with an addiction. I let my methadone use get completely out of control and I had a hard time of stopping methadone after 4 years of use and that was a for real drug addiction. I mean you are literally chained down to whichever clinic you go to and if you miss a couple days you start to go through withdrawal. I can tell you first hand that withdrawal from methadone is downright nasty no two ways about it. I kicked methadone in jail and I was sicker than two dogs.

If you would rather stop using methadone in  a methadone rehab then go for it. One last thing I will suggest for you is substance abuse treatment. If you do stop using methadone you will have to replace it with something positive you may want to consider going to NA meetings.

If you really want to improve the quality of your life perhaps you may want to go back to school or maybe it is time for a career change. Anyone can stop using lose the desire to use and find a new way to live this includes you!