Home Remedies for Methadone Addiction Withdrawal

Here is a list of some important tips for home remedies for Methadone Addiction that work great as well as Methadone withdrawal. I always liked to use Xanax or Valium when I was kicking methadone or heroin cold turkey but this method will work fine with just some over the counter medications.

Over the counter medications for detoxing methadone


1.) I would get an OTC medication that contains Imodium AD (Loperamide) to help alleviate bouts or diarrhea.

2.) Some more very important items you will want to get for your methadone detox kit is Motrin and Tylenol which will help with leg cramping and headaches. Now if you are not using Xanax or Valium you are going to have trouble sleeping for this you can get Benadryl and Valerian Root.

3.) Drink a lot of fluids to help flush your system out for this I recommend Gatorade. A lot of rehabs use this Gatorade because it helps to replenish depleted electrolytes.

4.) When your skin starts feeling like it is crawling or your arms and legs feel like dead wood during withdrawal from methadone I would suggest that you start doing some exercises; for example try doing some sit-ups, push ups, jumping jacks ect. Another thing that should help is to soak in a hot bathtub or take showers you can do this as often as needed. I know when I quit methadone as I remember a hot bath seemed to work wonders.

5.) Find someone you trust to come and stay with you during your detox from Methadone they will more than likely have to be with you for a solid week; furthermore, if you are working or going to school you will also want to make plans to take some vacation time or advise your instructors so you can get your assignments before you intend to stop using methadone.

Having someone there with you could determine rather you make it through opiate withdrawal or not because having someone around will make it much more difficult for you to give up.

6.) Next thing is to decide the day that you intend to quit using methadone, what you will want to do is to try and stay awake for a couple of days straight beforehand, this may help you to sleep through a lot of your withdrawal.

How to stay clean and sober after detox


Lastly One thing a lot of people fail to do is make an opiate addiction recovery plan for after they finish their detox. The truth is this should have been one of the first things that they thought about but I understand that’s why I am letting everyone know now.

Now your recovery program can be as simple as just attending 12 step meetings like Narcotics Anonymous and or attending one on one substance abuse counseling.

When I first got clean that’s the method I used and if you want long lasting sobriety then you will want to do as many recovery related things as possible. If you plan on attending NA meetings I would suggest that you attend a meeting every day. I was a sick puppy when I stopped using drugs so one meeting a day was not enough for me so I went to 2 or 3 a day.

How to find State and Government funded drug rehab for addicts without insurance


If this did not work for you then do not give up because there are many opiate rehabs out there and if you can not afford to go to rehab you may want to start looking for a state or government funded drug rehab. This will require a lot of action on your part because they are difficult to find.

I would suggest if this is your goal then you get out the phone book and call every drug rehab that’s listed and ask them if they can provided you help with rehab for an addict without insurance if they can not help you ask if they can refer you to someone that can.

Recovery requires action every single day if we want to be free from drug addiction. Once we get clean for a while lost dreams will awaken and new possibilities will arise, keep in mind that any addict and I mean any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use them, and find a new way to live clean!!

Good luck