Heroin self detox How to deal with Opiate withdrawals first week in

One of the best ways to do a heroin self detox and get through heroin withdrawals would to be in the privacy of your own home. In order to make this happen first thing that you need to do is find a Suboxone Dr. when you locate on you will want to make an appointment to get in as soon as possible.

When you meet with your Dr. let them know of your desire to stop using heroin in one week. I would actually say that I want to quit heroin in a couple weeks just in case you are still feeling bad after one week.


At home heroin detox with suboxone

Everyone should be aware that sleep disturbances will more than likely happen during self detox and withdrawal from opiates. My experiences were that I could not fall asleep and when I finally did it was more like a vivid dream and when I woke up I was wringing wet and drenched in sweat.

Mood changes when stopping opioids

Now many people experience mood changes mostly depression when self detoxing heroin this is not uncommon because your mind and body have become accustomed to this drug and when its no longer there our bodies react; furthermore, you are losing what was once your best your best friend heroin.

These symptoms are indeed painful and trying, however they can be tolerated if you really have the desire to quit heroin.

More Symptoms of withdraw from opiates

· Nausea and vomiting

· Insomnia

· Runny nose

· aches and pains in joints

· yawning

· nervousness

· large pupils

· leg cramps

· restless leg syndrome

· watery eyes

· diarrhea

· sweating

· goose bumps

· agitation

If for some reason this does not work out well for you maybe there were just too many outside influences or whatever then perhaps consider going to some type of opiate rehab.

Getting the heroin addiction help you need in opiate rehabilitation treatment facility

If you do decide to go to rehab to be treated for an addiction to heroin you have made a wise decision because they can help you to get through your opiate withdrawal with a medical detox this is done by using prescription medications. Another good thing about rehab is you will be in a safe environment away from outside influences.

While detoxing you will be cared for by a trained medical staff that will monitor your progress around the clock seven days a week. They will also make you as comfortable as possible during your stay.

The normal opiate withdrawal length is around 5 days

The actual length of your withdrawal is not all that important because you are taking steps to save your life but I know a lot of people want to know about this so I try and provide a little information on it.

About Residential Treatment

After completing your detox you will go to residential treatment where you will gain a lot of information on how not to return to active addiction after leaving treatment and returning home.

What you will learn in rehab and how its designed to help you stay sober

* Here are some of the key things one will learn during my stay in rehab that will help me to stay clean and sober and prevent relapse when I leave rehab

* One thing that rehab exposes everyone to is 12 step programs like Narcotics and Alcoholic anonymous so if you have never been you will learn what happens in meetings

* It will also give you support from other recovering addicts; furthermore, your addiction therapist will help you to devise an exit strategy that will help insure your continued success with your addiction recovery

Getting clean is hard work but staying clean is not all the difficult if you keep up with your program. It is important to take action every single day. Action can be very easy as a matter a fact just offering a fellow recovering addict a ride to a meeting is considered taking action.

Good luck