Heroin Detox

Going through a heroin detox is one of the hardest detoxes to go through. Heroin  is an extremely addictive opioid drug so getting through the pain and discomfort of detox is not easy. A heroin addict’s nervous system is used to accommodating high doses of heroin so when you stop using heroin the nervous system will affect the entire body.

Heroin Withdrawal symptoms can include but may not be limited to those listed below. Shortly after you stop using heroine, your withdraw can begin within twelve hours of your last dose this is actually when the detox from heroin starts.

* nausea

* extreme irritability

* diarrhea

* insomnia

* chills

* sneezing

* runny nose


* depression

 Heroin symptoms

These symptoms of the disease need to be taken seriously because in some cases they will even cause death if the person is in poor health. For these reasons it is highly important that you seek help when going through a detox from this sort of heroin addiction.

It does not really matter how much you used or how you pronounce heroin what matters is what you want to do about your addiction. I mean are you ready to get some heroin addiction help or are you not through killing yourself yet?

Some heroine addicts choose to go through a rather new treatment. This is called the ultra rapid opiate detox procedure which is done while the patient is under anesthesia.

While this can be a very effective way to get off of heroin, it does include some risks and is very expensive. This can cost anywhere from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars per treatment. That is a lot of money that most people do not have. The main thing to consider is that if you are thinking about going this route you should keep in mind that some people have died from being under the anesthesia during their opiate detox to long.

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The most popular way of getting off of heroin with the best results for an opiate addiction is doing so by using other prescription drugs to help you through the heroin withdrawal. Some of these drugs include methadone, clonidine, and buprenorphine. While this is also very effective, it should only be done under the care of a doctor or in a treatment facility. These drugs can be extremely addictive if they are not taken properly.

If you or someone you love is addicted to heroin, it is very important that you seek help and don’t try to kick heroin all alone or in other words try going heroin cold turkey.

In my research as well as my own personal experience with addiction you should know that there is  a high dropout rate when it comes to addiction treatment. Therefore, be sure to find what works best for you. If you do go to something like an opiate addiction rehab you can expect to be medically detoxed for addiction. They will use medications to help comfort you during opiate withdrawal.

This is probably the safest and best detox there is. I would do this right away. Now days most rehabs use suboxone as a cure for addiction to opiate medications like oxycontin, percocet, vicodin, and morphine.

It has been my experience that any person who truly has the desire to stop using drugs can kick heroin and overcome this insidious addiction. Let me just say that it takes many of us more than one attempt to beat heroin.

I also know that for some us including myself that it takes more than one attempt to recover from addiction. It does not have to be this way some people do manage to  stay clean the first time around.

Well you may be wondering how do they do that. They do it by taking action that’s right, taking action to get their life back means giving it your all going that extra mile just to stay clean but one of the best ways to do this is to help other addicts. “NA basic text” “We can only keep what we have by giving it a way”.

Detox heroin

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired by this I mean are you sick of waking up every day with the boags and having to figure out where you are going to get the loot to get your next bag of dope.

I have been right where you are at myself so many times I have lost count. I shot heroin for over 30 plus years that is in-between jail, prison stints, and detox wards. I tried every way you can imagine to use successfully. I tried selling heroin but have you ever known a monkey that could sell bananas this is a perfect example of a full blown heroin addict trying to sell some dope its just does not work.

I lied to myself time and time again. Until I went to long term rehab nothing changed but I got clean in long term treatment and I even went back to school imagine that a dope fiend like me attending a major university. The reason I like to write about this is to encourage some of you that any addict that is any person can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use them, and find a new way to live and this does include you too.

Best way to detox from drugs

Heroin is a tricky drug. It is something that causes some serious physical and mental dependence. Once addicted, a person will do just about anything to get his or her fix. This could mean stealing from loved ones just so that the individual can stick a needle in his or her arm and get high.

Breaking the cycle of addiction

This cycle is a hard one to break., The best way to detox heroin involves getting professional help. A person needs to get away from the friends and environments in which the heroin has been done and may need a doctor to help him or her through this process. Detox is not pretty: The body will have to go through some serious withdrawals to get the entire drug out of the system.

Heroin addiction rehab


There is nothing casual about heroin. One can not just put a needle in his or her vein and think that this is a one time occurrence. Instead, this drug can cause some pretty serious physical dependence. Once addicted, a person can think of nothing other than finding more of this drug. If you or a loved one are suffering from a substance addiction, rehab can help. Here, doctors and counselors can help an individual break the cycle of addiction with the help of counseling, drugs, and support. Removing a person from his or her home can help them break bad patterns and keep them from the negative influences in his or her lives. This is a chance to really break free from the shackles of drug addiction.

Heroin withdrawal

Withdrawal can be a painful and hard process to go through. Symptoms can start as soon as a few hours since the last dose of Heroin were taken. Anxiety, Depression, Sweats, Nausea, vomiting and fever are some of the most common heroin withdrawal symptoms. Because of the severity of symptoms during withdrawal, many addicts do relapse and use the drug again.

It is best to go through the withdrawal process under medical supervision. There are many different treatment options available to help ease the symptoms. The use of methadone or other drugs to help the body physically adjust without heroin; or the patient can be put under a light anesthesia to allow them to sleep through the withdrawal process.

It is also advisable that once the patient is sober, he continues an out-patient program in which counseling is offered.

What is Rapid Detox


Rapid Heroine Detox is very effective, and can free the individual from their addiction in as few as 12-14 days. This method is performed in a hospital setting where there are professional staff to aid in the withdrawal symptoms. There is no anesthesia used with this method. This means that the individual will experience at least a moderate level of withdrawal.

This means of breaking free from heroin is considered to be among the safest and most enduring methods. The patient will be free from the heroin in their system, but they will also experience a psychological loss to the need for the drug. Professional staff will counsel and coach the patient to a psychologically stable place where they will no longer need heroine.

How to Detox

If you want help to learn how to detox from heroin, you need to first admit that you have a problem. Drug abuse is no laughing matter. Instead, it is something that consumes a life. A good student or parent can completely do a 180 and end up dropping out of school and leaving the family just to get his or her next fix. This is why it is important to deal with this issue as soon as possible.

Detoxing from heavy drugs is possible if counseling is used, friends and family members support this process, and if the individual is committed to change. No one can force a person to detox. He or she has to want this. Rehab, therapists, and doctors will all be needed for this process.

Panic Attack

Getting through Opiate detox

Opiate detox is incredibly difficult because of the intense physical dependency that links to this opiate addiction, but it is not impossible. To get over this hurdle, a person will need a plethora of support. This means that loved ones need to help remove all negative influences from the individual’s life and that doctor, therapists, and rehabilitation centers may be needed.

Breaking old habits and addictions takes a lot of time and hard work. However, if an individual wants to detox and rid his or her life of drugs, this is more than possible. Still, people need to be ready to watch the loved one go through a lot of pain: getting all of the drugs out of the system will be a painful process to watch and experience.

Detoxing in Opiate Rehab is not as difficult as going cold turkey heroin at home

Opiate rehab refers to the detoxification and treatment process to any type of treatment to people who are addicted to opiate based drugs. People who are addicted to drugs like heroin and prescription painkillers, become dependent on drugs to help them cope with everyday life and the addiction has become so severe that their system cannot handle going without drugs.

Opiate addition affects the nervous system, caused by drug intake over a period, and can cause opiate withdrawal symptoms when stopped “Cold Turkey”. The proper treatment under direct supervision will help prevent attempted suicides, increased stress and even death. If you suspect a loved one is addicted to drugs it is important to get them the help that they need.

Detox Is the First Step to Recovery

Drug withdrawal can be painful and scary, that is why choosing medically supervised detox rehab is important. Heroine’s withdrawal effects can include insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes, muscle pain and bone pain.

Those who try to stop using heroin alone will most likely not get through the withdrawal process, not only because it is painful but withdrawal can last around a week. By going to a supervised detox in heroin rehab, the patient will have a trained staff that will not only keep an eye on the them, they will also have medication available that can alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms.

Of course detox is not the end of the road for an addict. After clearing the drug from their system they should then seek psychological rehabilitation in order to cope with their addiction. There are many options for psychological treatment of addiction, including behavioral therapy and group therapy.

Hypnosis for Heroin Addiction 


Heroin is a dangerous drug and just using this drug makes it even more hazardous to one’s health. There are many ways that drug addiction specialists try to break a drug problem and one of this through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a trance like process that is induced by another person or object.

The reason experts think that this process would work for a drug user is because the addiction is just as mental as it is physical. The battle going on in the mind must be overcome, before the individual is able to successfully recover. There are many professional hypnotists who are willing to help them overcome his or her addiction.

While this is not the only component of breaking a drug habit, it can possibly be the determinant of success or relapse.

How to Kick Heroin with These Detox Options

Heroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs available on the illegal drug trafficking market. a lot addicts who do not use sterile needles expose themselves to many other serious health risks, including HIV.

The body of a Heroin abuser can also become tolerant of the drug, meaning that the individual needs higher doses of the drug to get their felling they got when they first began using; furthermore, this often leads to drug overdoses, and death.  Also, the body can become physically dependent upon the drug, due to prolonged usage, which can make kicking the habit of injecting Heroin almost an impossible feat to accomplish.

This means that the only way a Heroin addict can seek help is through assistance from an outside source.  Quitting “cold turkey” is not considered a safe process to undergo.  The trauma the addict will go through is considered dangerous, and the addict usually relapses because he or she cannot withstand the withdrawal process during detox.

It is recommended that the addict seeking detox options be under supervision.  It is also recommended that this supervision be in a facility, and not in the home of the addict, where the environment might not be conducive to a positive influence on rehabilitation.  The following will detail proper detox options.

Outpatient and Residential detox treatment facilities:

Outpatient treatment will involve a hospital or drug rehab center where an individual can seek treatment on a daily basis, but continue to go about their lives.  Such facilities offer daily counseling and prescribe medicine to help the addict cope until he or she is no longer dependent upon the drug.


Residential treatment can help you overcome heroin addiction

Residential treatment literally moves the individual into a “safe zone” rehabilitation home, where treatment professionals will assist in his or her recovery around the clock until the patient has completely detoxed.  This is considered an immerse experience, where the addict will be away from their daily routine for weeks, perhaps even months, until he or she has fully detoxed.

No matter what the individual chooses, admitting oneself into a rehab program is considered the best and safest way to deal with their addiction.

If one is looking for a quicker and more radical approach, there is something called ” rapid drug detox,” which consists of a surgical procedure where doctors use anesthesia to put the patient under, and then flush the body to clean out the Heroin completely from the system.  Although this may seem like the best option, understand that this procedure is dangerous and quite expensive.

No matter what option you choose to fight your addiction, know that detox options exist.  Please seek guidance with your addiction, there are people out there willing to help if you are willing to accept the assistance.  Reclaim your life, and kick your life-threatening habit.

I have to be real honest with you it may take you more than one attempt to get through an addiction to heroin; in fact most addicts do not get it right the first time around. This includes me. It actually took me well over thirty year to put some clean time together.

Taking action is the key to beating addiction

It does not have to take anyone too long if they are serious and take action to stay clean. Without action and a lot of it and if you are new to recovery I have news for you which is  if you do not have a solid recovery foundation you will have a heroin relapse and believe me I been there its not going to take long before it happens.

If you are not working or going to school it is very important to fill up your day with positive things. One thing you could do is join an gym and go every day to exercise. I know when I first got clean my mind and body were both in bad shape so if you were a hard core heroin user like me you could stand to get in shape.

I would start out kind of light and work your way up. Another good thing about joining gym is that you will meet other people who actually have a life. Sure some of them may get high on occasion so you will know which ones to steer clear of.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings can help a hard core heroin addict find drug addiction recovery

When you are not at the gym working out you will have to be doing something else I would suggest attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. This will cost you absolutely nothing and meetings can be found worldwide that’s right NA can be found in many countries around the world.

My suggestion is that you commit to doing 90 meetings in 90 days. This will give you a chance to start to get comfortable with being clean and sober. I would also suggest that you learn to share what’s going on with you.

This part will take practice I found it very difficult to share for around a month or two. While attending meetings get some phone numbers and practice calling them because you never know when the urge to use may come on you and if you are used to calling then you may save yourself from a heroin relapse.

Addiction therapy or substance abuse counseling can help you to unload some pent up feelings

There is also addiction therapy which I attended weekly for 2 years while I was in long term drug rehab. I actually think it is the biggest part of why I am still clean today and I can not say enough about what it has done for me. For starters it allowed me to unload forty tons of shit I had stored up over the years of using and abusing drugs. Mind you this did not happen all at once it was an ongoing process digging a little deeper each session until I had no more secrets left it felt like concrete blocks was lifted from my head. It was a very overwhelming experience.

There are many detox methods available to beat heroin

There are so many kinds and types of detox methods these days ranging from free government funded drug rehabs to ultra rapid detox. My point is that there is absolutely no good reason for an addict not to seek some kind of drug addiction help.

One reason why people continue to use is they think they are in control maybe they only use once in a while or on Friday when they get paid but addiction is so cunning that this will change for them I do not know when but sooner or later they will cross the line to full blown addiction.

If you are not to this phase of addiction yet I would suggest that you get some help while the getting is still good. The longer you continue to use the hard it will be to stop using heroin when you are ready to quit.

Heroin side effects

Heroin side effects adversely influence every physiological system of the user’s body. Most people that use heroin do not expect to develop a dependency on heroin, but the results of the preparation, and any private problems the individual does have makes the preparation hard to oppose.

Persons having dependencies usually expand the illness because of the difficulties in their life that was never spoken about or the one never faced the troubles, so the person gets drug. The dependence usually initiates when a person expands a dependency on the drug with entertaining use, then after a short time, the body expands a corporal dependency that takes advantage of the body’s needs as well as the persons manners.

Getting help for Heroin dependence can be difficult, but is a must to all addicts. Is it an awful and hard illness that can seriously injure the body as well as the mind.

Heroin is an unsafe, illegal opiate drug that is extremely potent. It is a depressant, affecting the brain’s pleasure and reward system. Many users don’t know about the cleanliness of the heroin they receive, rising the risk of serious side effects, overdose and even fatality.

Some users report getting obsessed on the drug after one use. It’s totally necessary to find a secure, reliable detoxify program to help you get well from heroin dependence. Most people use heroin for the high it creates.

Those physically addicted to heroin may develop a tolerance which leads them to take more and more. Over time, the body becomes used to the drug and no longer feels its effects. Once this happens, most people continue to take it to avoid a painful withdrawal, but unfortunately the dose must be grater.

Opioid withdrawal generates the body’s physiological structures, like the respiratory system causing difficulty breathing, the central nervous system sourcing all the body progresses and responses to be dawdling or numb and the circulatory system sourcing the blood course to slow down and push less blood where it needs to go, and.

I would also like to encourage everyone that is trying get clean and sober and has been to a drug rehab a time or two before do not let this hinder you from trying again. I was the type of addict that relapsed many times after leaving rehab but a lady told me once to never stop trying so this is why I am sharing it with you now.

How to use the Stages of Addiction to stop drug abuse

Every one with a drug problem should learn how to use the stages of addiction to recover and stop drug abuse. When the addiction is a fact, there are a lot of questions in our mind. The answers of these questions we are searching for, are whole life. What has happened? Where did we go wrong? Could we prevent this? In fact there are many things and many steps we must know and do previously.

We must start with the reasons that can cause the addiction. The first possible reason is the community of the addicted “friends, a possible way to get integrated and feel a part of something because most addicts feel like something is missing. The genetic factor can also cause the addiction.


Final Stage is recovery or death from addiction

There are defined four stages of addiction. The first one is stage of experiment. The second one is the recreational. The heaviest stages are the early dependency and the full dependency.

The drugs have a different influence on the people. Some of them develop a progressive addiction while others can take them only from time to time and stop drug abuse without getting addicted. The latter can be considered as a kind of luck. In order never to fall in addiction, it is better never to try drugs, just stay away from them.

How to stop drug abuse

The first stage is called experimental because it describes the level of addiction. In this case there is still no addiction. The person is just curious to try and to experiment. The reasons for that can be variable. If the person quit to take drugs after the first try and his curiosity is satisfied, it is OK. There are people who have taken some types of drugs a couple of times but never get addicted to it. That can be because some of the drugs are not addictive.

Do you believe in the genetic factor of drug addiction?
The person who decides to go ahead and continue to take drugs passes into the next stage- recreational.  The typical for them is that they still control their wishes and habits and can put the border and stop addiction before it happens. As an example it can be pointed the social drinker or the marijuana users.
Unfortunately the family and the friends start to notice the difference in the behavior” aggression, fast change of the motion, on the third stage.

How to stop drug addiction

The thing here is if you or family members are exhibiting signs of drug addiction then its time to get some help. Be that in drug addiction therapy or some may find that going to a private drug  treatment rehab a great way to overcome drug abuse. It does not matter how you stop drug addiction the thing is to take action and do it. With this being said there is a saying that says there is no time like the present so get about your business and quit using drugs!

How to avoid a relapse on heroin or other drugs

I don’t care who you are where you came from how much money you have in the bank or how far down the ladder you came, this deadly substance addiction has taken you but it is possible to beat heroin and I am living proof. I spend my time now days trying to help others stop using drugs instead of being out there in the streets trying to get one more. If you  want to get over your addiction I would strongly suggest that you trying doing something different.

Ok what can you do different you can start by reading some recovery literature  going for long walks, or revisit and old hobby  These are all positive things and the best thing about them they are all healthy. Another thing you can do to avoid a heroin relapse is to pick up your meeting attendance or if you are not attending NA meetings I would strongly suggest you start. I attended a meeting today after years of being clean and sober in case you did not know it addiction is a disease and it never goes away all we can do is arrest it.

Why is it important to take massive action in early opiate addiction recovery 

It has been my experience that those that are not extremely vigilant with their recovery will relapse its just that simple because addiction is patient. I have heard around the tables of NA that just because we are clean does not mean that our addiction is not out there lurking in the shadows doing push ups just waiting for us to slip up.

What I would suggest is that anyone that is fresh out of rehab commit to going to a meeting every day, getting a sponsor, and getting some phone numbers. I would also suggest that you start doing some things with other recovering addicts; for example, where I live we go out for coffee after a meeting. Its important to try new things because it will help keep us from isolation.

Now if you have been around for a while and need to step up your program try giving a new comer a call and offer to take them to a meeting. The thing about doing something like this it will not only help your fellow addict feel like they belong it will help to get you out of yourself. This is taking action.

“Just remember One bag is too many and a thousand is never ever enough! “.

Lastly I want to add that do not feel bad if this is your 5th or your 50th attempt at getting clean. I was told to never give up and keep trying and I did and it took me over 30 years for it to finally sink in. I did eventually get clean and stay clean one day at a time. I am hoping it does not take you this long. Just remember keep coming back!!!

heroin addiction help guide

Update about how you can get Medicaid to pay for your suboxone prescription

I have recently found out from a friend of mine that went to drug rehab and used suboxone for his detox that when he got out of rehab they gave him a months supply of suboxone and made him an appointment with a Suboxone Doctor. While he was at the Dr. they took his information and sent it to Medicade which in turn paid for the prescription. I just want everyone out there to know that if they are trying to stop using drugs with suboxone and can’t afford to pay for  it out of pocket they should check into this because they may qualify for assistance.

With the proper mindset you can overcome addiction

I believe a key component to opiate addiction recovery is a positive mindset. I mean if you constantly dwell on how are addiction has screwed up our lives we are going to stay stuck. I have found that by writing about are past and sharing it with another person we trust does wonders in letting go of our past mistakes and allows us to move on.

3 positive things we can do for our addiction recovery

Wring our steps and sharing them with a sponsor

Attending meetings regularly

Helping other addict to stay clean and sober

Good luck and God bless all

If anyone has any questions regarding heroin or the treatment process for getting clean from this drug, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below. I will get back to you in the comments within just a day or two.

How to change your life and recover from heroin addiction


Detoxing any opiates can be difficult. Many people use a variety of excuses to continue their drug abuse. One of my favorites was I can handle it! But the fact is I could not but surrender was not in my vocabulary at the time. When I did finally surrender that I could no longer use drugs successfully I began to change the way I lived and did things. One of the first changes I made was seeking help for my addiction by going to long term drug rehab and at the same time I changed the people I hung out with meaning my using friends had to go.

While in long term rehab I made a commitment to attend 90 meetings and 90 days and after completing that commitment I committed to doing it again. At around the six month point I noticed my life was beginning to change because I was starting to enjoy life again and was actually happy at times.

I found out that helping others was a big part of my addiction recovery; furthermore I found that it felt good to help another addict no matter if it was only taking them to a meeting. We have a saying trust God and help others and so that’s what I learned how to do. If you are new to recovery and follow the plan I have laid out here there is no doubt in my mind that you too can stop using drugs and change your life but it takes action to make this happen.

If you are of a mind to stop using drugs there are many alternatives out there for you to make this happen. One thing you can do is talk to others who have been through the same thing you are going through this can even be done online in addiction chat rooms but I personally would recommend getting together with someone you know that has been to rehab. In either case the more information you have about drug addiction and the choices you have about treatment and detox the better chance you have of actually overcoming addiction. Once again action is essential for anyone wishing to recover from drug addiction.