Heroin cold turkey may be difficult but it will not kill you

How to quit using Heroin cold turkey

If you are planning to detox from heroin cold turkey probably then you probably know how that it’s going to be painful and uncomfortable. But I will share with you some tips that you might use to help you to get through it, though none of them are going to make a big difference…

One thing that I defiantly would suggest is to try and sleep as much as you can. This should always be a very huge part of your heroin detox strategy, if you can sleep through the pain of heroin withdrawal, then you can avoid the most of the pain.  Now most people will find it difficult to sleep when their withdrawals are very bad, and so here is something that you might want to try. From my experience if you try heroin cold turkey really can work.

Cold turkey heroin

When you decide what day you actually want to stop using heroin do not take any heroin that day. In fact make sure you do not sleep at all that night if it were me I would try and stay awake 2 days in a row and then start my heroin cold turkey. This will help you to sleep through the worst of your withdrawal. Now while you are doing this I would suggest that you drink a lot of Gatorade, this is what they give you in rehab to help build up your electrolytes. By drinking a lot of this it will help to remove the opiates from your body much faster. Now in the past   cold turkey home remedies withdrawal was the only option heroin addicts had available to them. Now we have fancy new heroin treatment facilities.

Over the counter medications

These over the counter med will not help much but they may help a little.  Take Tylenol and Motrin alternating every 4 hours for pain.  Take Benadryl 50mg every four hours for anxiety and sleep. I would also invite a close friend to stay with me while I detox from opiates at home. One that is good about this idea is they can serve as moral support and encourage you not to give up when you start to get really sick from Heroin Withdrawal Cold Turkey starts getting bad. A lot of people do give up when they try this so a friend staying with you may actually make the difference whether you get clean or not why not give it a shot today?

How to stop using drugs in long term treatment

If for some reason this does not work for you or it does but you managed to have a drug relapse then I would think about going to a substance addiction treatment center or better yet long term drug rehab expecially if you have failed many times at trying to get clean and sober. Long term rehab may be exactly what you need I can tell you In my case I know this  was certainly true because if it were not for the help of God and long term substance abuse treatment I am reasonably sure you would not be reading this article.

Good luck




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