Drug Addiction Help and Treatment for Addicts without Insurance

One reason why many people need drug addiction help is that addiction can strike anyone regardless of background in fact, addiction is not picky it does not care whether you came from Park Place or Park bench in the long run it will kill you.

Painkiller addiction

Some people get a painkiller addiction, other people deal with the problems that illegal drugs represent. A person who gets hooked on a prescription painkillers may have insurance, provided he obtained the drugs legally.

When an addict that relies on a drug becomes hooked, things are not quite so simple because they will go to any lengths to obtain their drug of choice; for example, they may start shoplifting or pilfering a family members purse when they get the chance.

Addicts can get help recovering from their addiction even without insurance. The process is not easy, but it is still far easier than the drying out or detoxifying  at home cold turkey.

It is possible to go to rehab with no insurance

Government sources may be a great as far as drug addiction solutions to help an addict with limited income pay for the cost of attending a rehab center. While the process of paying for Medicaid may not help a person get coverage, but the person must fill out the paperwork and prove eligibility. A single person can apply for Medicaid only if he has a proven disability.

Now days the initial 14 day treatment for addiction rehab costs thousands of dollars, and most centers do not turn clients down solely because they cannot afford it. Paying for such treatment out-of-pocket is not a possibility for most people in fact what they really need would be a free drug rehab.

A person who belongs to a church may find that the church is willing to help a person get clean from drugs and alcohol, but a church is more likely to provide the necessary support after a meeting. Churches will take a key role after the initial recovery by providing places for Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups to meet.

Community agencies may be a good place to try but they may not be willing to help a person with a drug addiction without insurance go to an addiction rehab. After rehab a person may need to see a therapist to take care of the underlying issues. Clinics may help. There is no easy answer to getting help without insurance, but it is not impossible. The staff at the recovery center will have information on the resources needed.

One of the best things a person with no insurance who really wants to stop using drugs can do is start attending 12 step meetings like Narcotics Anonymous and these programs are absolutely free and the only thing that is required for membership is the desire to stop using so if you are here reading this my guess is that you qualify.

When you leave rehab you are going to have to take action at once. What I mean by this is that you must start attending meetings and maybe even start going to see a substance abuse.

If you go I would suggest that you attend meetings every day and get to know some of the other addicts there because you will not have your old crowd to hang around anymore. All you have to do is ask for their number or pass a sheet around and get those who are willing to sign it. I was surprised with the amount of love there are at the meetings and I have made some great friends too.

I suggest to everyone that has just left drug addiction treatment to attend 90 meetings in 90 days and get a sponsor and call them everyday. I also recommend that while you are at a meetings that you start sharing whats going on with you because this is how we stay clean and sober.

I am willing to be if you are thinking about using it will free you up. See the disease wants us to be quite and say nothing this is how it works. Things will start to build up and then when it comes to a head you will relapse.

Another thing is do not get in a relationship in early recovery it will not work. What generally happens is one of you will use and the other will follow your example. So just don’t do it I have tried it and seen a whole lot of other folks try it too. Take my word for it in will end in disaster.

Good luck