Celebrity deaths Famous people heroin overdose

Celebrity deaths

Jimi Hendrix

Died of an  overdose

John Belushi

One of the greatest  comedians of all times died of a speed ball injection a speed ball is a mixture of heroin and cocaine.

Kurt Cobain

Technically died from suicide from gunshot to the head but it is widely that his heroin addiction influenced his state of mind.

Jim Morrison

Died in a bathtub of heart failure due to an overdose of heroin


Sid Vicious

The sex Pistols died of over dose after being released from prison. He was being held in prison in connection with the murder of girlfriend NancySpungen.

Janis Joplin

One of the greatest female singer ever died of heroin overdose.

Brad Renfro

River Phoenix

Actor who died of an overdose of heroin overdose.

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Its really sad because they all had promising careers and will be missed by many.

It’s a real shame to see all of this talent wasted away they had the world by the balls and chose to use heroin and other drugs. Don’t throw your life away the way they did get help now. Why not consider going to heroin treatment and learn how to stop using heroin today all it take is a couple of phone calls and the willingness to find a new way to live but you will have to take action.

If you are having a problem stopping using drugs try  Heroin Addiction Help.

Hollywood heroin overdose is just run of the mill stuff now days

Dealing with a heroin overdose is old news when it comes to celebrity circles. For celebrity deaths famous overdoses are just part of the history of Hollywood. Whether they overdose after leaving rehab or they indulge too much while out on tour, hearing of another celebrity heroin overdose or death is just run of the mill news in the world of Hollywood gossip.

A heroin overdose is often the result of a lifetime spent indulging in drug use. Many drug users start off with milder intoxicants like alcohol or marijuana. While they may start off with small street level drugs before too long they often progress too much stronger intoxicants.

Whereas once upon a time a joint of marijuana was enough to give them a buzz before too long they are progressing to harder substances in order to get high. What used they used to be able to accomplish with much milder drugs eventually takes stronger substances in order to achieve the same buzz. Eventually they find themselves progressing to highly intoxicating substances that can be lethal if taken in the wrong amounts.

The longer that they continue their habit the farther and farther they spiral into its deadly grip. Many try numerous stints in rehab, but often times the consequences are sadly predictable. After enough attempts with limited success, an increasing number of celebrities eventually end up overdosing. Some survive an overdose, but not all do. When the results turn deadly, their names and images inevitably end up splashed all over the front covers of the tabloids.